Franco Fagioli ROSSINI (CD/DGG). more

SWEET: Action! - new EPK für SONY. more

RAMMSTEIN IN AMERIKA theatrical release! more

Daniil Trifonov - TRANSCENDENTAL (CD-Recording/DGG). more

Handel played on an Hammond Organ - CD-Production with pianist Ragna Schirmer & Jazz Ensemble. more

Syrinx produced 3 new 3D documentaries for KSM. more

Shanghai Symphony Orchestra - live concert recording at Laisz-Hall, Hamburg. more

Paris Days, Berlin Nights  - CD-Production with Ute Lemper and the Vogler String Quartet. more


AZORES 3D Blu-ray 3D production for KSM. more

VOLBEAT - live Blu-ray and DVD production for Universal Music. more

THE ROYAL EQUESTRIAN AND CAMEL FESTIVAL takes place every 5 years in the Sultanate of Oman. more

DIMENSIONS OF RESEARCH - BD3D Production. The new spectacular 3D-corporate-film of the Fraunhofer Society. more

FASCINATION CORAL REEF in 3D - This was the first comercial BD3D production for SYRINX, by order of KSM. more

blu::elements - Forsenses II. Beautiful nature images with floating sounds. This is the new full-hd production "forsenses - timber lounge". more

September 2010 – As one of the first 3D Blu-ray discs according to the BDA Blu-ray 3D specification SYRINX Productions from Hamburg has presented a demonstration disc at the IBC in Amsterdam. more

THE TEN TENORS July 2009 - The famous australian vocal group spent 3 days at Madrid to record some songs together with the Symphony Orchestra of RTVE. more

ALABAMA MOON - film score by Ludek Drizhal was mixed at SYRINX studios. more

DVD production for the new „Popstars Monrose”
Syrinx produced on behalf of Warner Music and in co-operation with the production company Tresor the DVD 9 "The Making of Monrose". This DVD production for the new “Popstars-Band” shows once more the competencies of Syrinx regarding casting shows and the whole production environment. At the live show production "Teenstars Finale" in 2002 – also on behalf for Tresor TV Munich – Syrinx already proofed its know-how in live mixing and broadcasting as well as post-production for casting shows. more

The – until now – probably most international project was the sound production and mixing of the US-American feature film “Badland”. Additionally to the production itself Syrinx organized the preview of Badland in Hamburg with about 100 guests on November 19, 2006. more

Rammstein – Latest DVD Production „Völkerball“
The Syrinx team accounts for the productions „Rammstein – Live in Berlin“ (1999) – the first world-wide marketed German music DVD – as well as „Rammstein – Lichtspielhaus“ (2003). The fruitful cooperation was continued in 2006 when Syrinx got the job for the concept and realization of the latest Rammstein DVD „Völkerball“. In close collaboration with Universal Music, Pilgrim and Rammstein themselves two discs for “Völkerball” have been produces.
The first two Rammstein DVDs reached platinum status – we hope the lucky streak goes on... more

Little Amadeus – Syrinx composes and synchronizes the awarded animated series
Syrinx was responsible for the complete audio postproduction and for the sound design and synchronization of “Little Amadeus”. The animated series is produced by Penta TV and Gateway4M and since the beginning of 2006 it is broadcasted with huge success on KI.KA children channel. more

„Superstar“ Hype in Switzerland
In 2006 – four years after the final of „Teenstar“ – Syrinx could proof its competencies again in the recording and live mixing of casting shows. Syrinx worked in Zurich for the first season of the Swiss counterpart of „American Idol“. more

Premiere of „Vom Ende der Eiszeit“ at the Hamburger Filmfest a huge success
The movie “Vom Ende der Eiszeit” had his world premiere at the Hamburger Filmfest. It was acclaimed enthusiastically by the audience and the jury honored the film with the nomination for the TV producer’s prize. more

Bregenz Festspiele 2006: High-Definition-Recording of the World Premier of Debussy Opera
Syrinx had the pleasure to do a high definition video recording for a musically rarity: Claude Debussy’s “The Fall of the House of Usher”. more

The Ten Tenors – Live in Hamburg
In August „The Ten Tenors“ were the stars at the Hamburg „Schauspielhaus“. They performed two spectacular concerts accompanied by an impressive symphonic orchestra showing there multi-stylistic musicality.
Syrinx was responsible for the complete audio recording and the audio postproduction of the worldwide marketed DVD. more

„Ten Of The Best“ – Recording of the Ten World-best Trumpeters
The trumpet formation “Ten of the Best” – around the piccolo trumpeter Otto Sauter and the Hollywood arranger Allen Vizzutti – experimented again with new musical approaches. They teamed up with the Nuremberg Symphony Orchestera to produce the double CD „playtime for music“. This CD also includes the „Ten of the Best – Pop Classics“. Syrinx was responsible for the recording and the postproduction. more


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