3D Eye Surgery

It's already the 3rd time for SYRINX to film eye surgery in S3D for Medinizinische Congressorganisation Nürnberg, this time at the city hospital at Frankfurt-Höchst

Chief surgeon Prof. MD Eckardt is a pioneer of the so called "Heads-Up-Surgery", in which the surgeon uses a large stereoskopic monitor and polarized glasses to gain insight into the operating field, rather than looking through the oculars of the surgical microskope. The stereoskopic monitor image is generated by two 4K-cameras, which are built into the microscope. The advantages are said to be a better overview and a more relaxed body alignement.

The editing of the operation videos is done at SYRINX studios in Hamburg, as well as color grading and stereoscopic adjustment. The videos will be presented at the annual Kongress der deutschen Ophthalmochirurgen in Nuernberg (Germany), this year for the first time in 4K quality.