Hot Streaming-December at Syrinx!

This one started with the Tingvall Trio, a very special musical highlight for us! The streaming was an exclusive event for Skip Records (with online ticket sales). So there's only one title from this fantastic online concert on our Youtube channel.

Only one day later, the pianist Annika Treutler was our guest for a Christmas concert of the "Europanetzwerk Deutsch" of the Göthe Institute Brussels. The young virtuoso presented a demanding program of works by Mendelssohn, Sibelius and Beethoven. You may watch the public domain parts of this concert here.

Then things got really hot! Immediately after the piano recital, the studio was completely emptied and turned into a 50s living room!

The Baseballs are a band formed in Berlin in 2007 that both covers rock 'n' roll style and writes their own songs in that style. This streaming - the most elaborate we've ever had - was also a closed event, in this case the Christmas party of an international software company. The audience was small, but spread all over the world. One song from the 90-minute streaming concert is now available as an official band video

All of this was only possible thanks to our outstanding team! Thanks to all and a successful 2021 wishes you SYRINX!